Miley Paige – Senior Editor

Miley is a managing editor with more than five years of experience. She has worked for Pet Care Magazine and written about 200 in-depth articles covering a variety of topics from betta fish to cichlids and tetra species.

As the Senior Editor of, Miley oversees the day-to-day operations of the site. She also works closely with the editorial team to ensure that all of the content is of the highest quality.

Miley currently lives in Cookeville, TN with her husband and children, and she also owns a small aquarium supply. Her husband helps her to manage the business and she spends most of her time writing and editing articles.

3 Questions for Miley Paige

1. What inspired you to start working in the pet industry?

I’ve always been interested in pet caring, and working in the pet industry seemed like a natural fit. I’ve especially enjoyed fishkeeping and aquarium pets, so working as an editor of a fishkeeping blog allows me to do that on a daily basis.

2. What was the first article about fish you ever wrote?

The first article I ever wrote was a detailed guide to cure dropsy in betta fish. My own betta fish got the same problem, so I have to ask a vet and research a lot before starting the healing process. The result was amazing when my lovely fish became better and I decide to write about it and share it with my friends.

3. What’s your favorite fish/aquarium pet?

Betta fish, goldfish, and other colorful fish. I’m the kind of person who is attracted to colorful and shimmering things.