Tiffany Hansley – Content Developer

Tiffany is a content developer and freelance writer with more than five years of experience. She is a passionate fish lover who grew up in a household full of large aquariums.

As a Content Developer for, Tiffany creates and tests all of the helpful tips that you’ll find on the site. She also provides information on how to make your aquariums become better.

When she’s not in working time, Tiffany enjoys reading comic books. She also likes to cook and her favorite food is Asian dishes.

3 Questions for Tiffany Hansley

1. What inspired you to become a content developer in the fishkeeping field?

I’ve always loved fish and grew up with fish and aquariums, so writing about fish was a natural fit for me. I also love sharing tips with others and helping them care for their precious pets.

2. What kind of content you like to write about?

I rather like to write about lesser-known topics such as less common fish species or invertebrates. I’m always looking for the up to date research to make my content more helpful and shareable. One of my recent favorite articles is about Coenobita compressus (Ecuadorian hermit crab), an exotic pet not for beginners.

3. What’s your least favorite fish/aquarium pet?

Aggressive fish like tiger barb, cichlids… You have to really careful when keeping them, but some people are very addicted to these fish.